Airforce - "The Black Box Recordings: Volume 1"

"The Black Box Recordings" is the new EP from London rockers "Airforce".

This is now our third collaboration with the band, having featured their track "War Games" on the "Origins of Iron" compilation, then in 2016, their career-retrospective album "Judgement Day".

2016 also saw the return of original drummer, Doug Sampson, who is best known for his time in Iron Maiden, playing on their legendary "The Soundhouse Tapes". Later in the year, original bassist Tony Hatton rejoined the band, and they recruited vocal powerhouse Dilian Arnaudov.

This EP marks a new era for the band... They're back... and they mean business!!!

We have 2 very limited colour ways available for the cassette;

Tangerine Orange Cassette - Limited to 20 copies **SOLD OUT **
Grey Cassette - Limited to 30 copies


1. Fight
2. Life Turns To Dust
3. Heroes (2017)