After he left Samson for artistic divergences, Thunderstick then went on to form his own eponymous band called 'Thunderstick' consisting of two guitarists, bass and female vocalist.

They recorded two hard rock albums, the EP 'Feel like Rock 'n' Roll?' (1983) and a full feature LP 'Beauty and the Beasts' (1984) via Magnum/Thunderbolt Records. These have been restored and remastered for a 2011 CD release, an anthology called 'Echoes from the Analogue Asylum' which also features previously-unreleased material.

The band disbanded in 1986, after having recorded their yet-to-be-released final album 'Don't Touch, I'll Scream'. A fifth incarnation emerged in 1988, secured by a high profile management contract, but Thunderstick chose to call it quits again after failing to sign a major deal with a label.

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    Origins of Iron CD