WatchOut Records was born out of an idea two friends had when discussing their love of Iron Maiden.

Erwin Lucas from the Netherlands filled his spare time writing a book about (ex) Iron Maiden members and their escapades before, during or after their time in Iron Maiden. During his research he came in contact with Andy Holloway from England and together they made it their main goal to meet, speak to, or at least get an autograph from every (ex) Iron Maiden member on the planet.

To start with a happy end.... they managed to do that!! But whilst chatting away on Facebook about Iron Maiden, it's members, and Erwin's upcoming book, another project surfaced in their creative brains....Erwin's book was released in February 2015 and helped the pair establish a number of contacts with ex Iron Maiden members, and the idea of a compilation album was born.

Trying to be as independent as possible, Andy and Erwin founded WatchOut Records. Their idea became reality... They talked to the artists, received nine tracks from them, found a pressing company, and away they went.

On June 6th of 2015 the compilation album "Origins Of Iron" was released. On that same day Andy and Erwin met in person for the first time. That day will be in their memory forever!! The release party at the Oakland Hotel in South Woodham Ferrers (UK) was attended by the biggest crowd they ever had over there! Ex Iron Maiden guitarist Terry Rance was playing with his band Electrum and 7 other former Iron Maiden members were in the audience.

Since that night, the pair have remained in contact with the ex-members and have released the debut album by London rockers AIRFORCE, who feature ex-Iron Maiden drummer Doug Sampson.

With a constant flow of ideas and forthcoming releases planned, the future looks bright for WatchOut Records.